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Acura Brand "POV"

Acura Brand Point of View :60 from Dylan Schwartz on Vimeo.

 I was Editor on this spot.


AFTER THE REALITY - Teaser from USofAnderson I LLC on Vimeo.

A feature I helped some good friends out with. I was B-Camera operator and did a handful of the VFX.



"Leo's Fortune" Game Trailer

Another cool spot with the guys at Awesome Forces.

I love Rube Goldberg Machines, especially ones designed by Brett Doar.

I was the Colorist for this project.


"Straight Outta Compton - Censorship" Promo

MTV - Straight Outta Compton - Censorship :60 from Framework Studio on Vimeo.


Online Editor


Microsoft: Child Of The 90's

Editing this spot was a pleasure. Not only was the concept outstanding but so was everyone involved. This was the first production I have ever worked on where the post duties were carried out by artists across the globe. The internet is a wonderful thing.

Agency: Column Five
Client: Microsoft 
Director: Nick Miede


Jo Malone: Family

Jo Malone 30 from Martina Buckley on Vimeo.


Director: Martina Buckley

I was Editor and beauty artist on this.



Vans - "Rookie Wookie"

Dir: Christian Jacobs and Jason deVilliers

Prod Co: Awesome Forces.

I was Colorist for this spot.


Ugg Australia 2014 BTS

UGGS w / Tom Brady from Martin Albert on Vimeo.


Agency: M&C Saatchi

I was Editor and Colorist.


Interstitials: A Million Ways To Die In The West

A Million Ways to Die in the West: Sex on Set from Framework Studio on Vimeo.


Prod Co: Framework LA

I was Online Editor/Finishing Artist


Chasing Maria Menounos: Title Sequence:

"Chasing Maria Menounos" - Opening Title Sequence from Framework Studio on Vimeo.

Production co: Framework LA

I was online Editor and Colorist.


The Face - Season 2 Promo

"The Face" - Season 2 Promotional Spot from Framework Studio on Vimeo.


I was Online Editor and Colorist again with the fantastic team at Framework LA.


VEVO Certified: Muppets

Dir: Joshua Harris

I was online editor and colorist for this series.


Despicable Me 2 - Promo

Despicable Me 2 Promo - "Minions Calling" from Framework Studio on Vimeo.


Production Co: Framework LA

I was Online Editor and Colorist.



Dir: Kyle Cooper

Online Editor


Mob City 

TV Series Mob City - Opening Sequence from Milton Adamou on Vimeo.


Director: Kyle Cooper

Online Editor


Dak Tandy - Pilot

Dak Tandy Trailer from Framework Studio on Vimeo.


Production Co - Framework LA

Director - Peter Farelly

I was online Editor


A Better Tomorrow: Lexus International Shorts

Prod Co: The Weinstein Company

Director: Mitsuyo Miyazaki

Online Edtor.


This Is Ruairi

Dir: Martina Buckley

I was Editor and Colorist for this spot.



Microsoft: Hover is Back!

Dir: Nick Miede

Once again I did double duty only this time it was as Editor and VFX artist.

UGG AUSTRALIA: For Gamechangers BTS

I was Shooter and Editor on this for the great team at M&C Saatchi


Ford: Summer Spectacular 2013

Ford "Full Line Launch" 30sec from Musikvergnuegen on Vimeo.


I was the online editor for the full campaign.

These were great examples of spots as mini-movies and each one was created with a bilingual counterpart.

All of the spots can be seen here:


The Real World: This Is The End Edition

This was a promo for the movie This is The End.

I was the Online Editor for this one.



Olay Fresh Effects: Meet The Director

This was a brief BTS Doc I cut for Olay Fresh Effects with the always-awesome-super-director Anna Christopher.

Check it out.


Beautiful Decay: Promo

Beautiful Decay from Patrick Simpson on Vimeo.

 Short promo clip for print based art and culture compendium Beautiful Decay.

Check them out at

Prod Co: Streetlight Films
Client: Beautiful Decay 
Director: Kevin Samuels


DGK Parental Advisory

Director Randal Kirk has created a new type of skate movie. I think he hit it out of the park.

I was Post Supervisor, Online Editor and Finishing Artist.


UGG For Men "Invisible Game" Behind the Scenes

This was an awesome behind the scenes project I did with the incredible folks over at M&C Saatchi.

Starring Tom Brady.


Author & Punisher "Terrorbird"


Music video that I Directed for my favorite industrial/doom artist Author & Punisher(Tristan Shone). 

I really enjoyed the challenge of not creating a perfomance based music video. This is more of a short film based on the tone of the music. Keep your eyes open for a special appearance by Rob Crow from Pinback. He's got the gush.


Nike: MMA Fighter

NIKE from Salvador Lleo on Vimeo.


Director friend of Mine Salvador LLeo had me come on board this one to tighten the edit and add some Motion Graphics. I think it looks cool.


Keane "Disconnected"

This was such a cool project to work on. Specifically, because of the Argento/Bava-esque visuals.  I wish this was a feature.


All_American Rejects "Kids in the Street"

Director: Jon Danovic


I was the online editor for this spot. All in all this was a pretty straightforward session.
The Alexa workflow from FCP to Pablo rarely has any hiccups.

Agency: Ogilvy
Client: Dupont
Director: Paul Mitchell


This is a fashion film for Mercedes-Benz done by one of my favorite photographers Alex Prager. Once again a winning combination of Alexa and Pablo.

Agency: Merkley + Partners NY
Client: Mercedes-Benz
Director: Alex Prager



Director: Tristan Patterson

Dragonslayer has been conquering the festival circuit all year. Most notably it stormed SXSW taking both the Grand Jury Prize for a Documentary Feature as well as the Best Cinematography award at SXSW even thought it was photographed using Canon 5d and a Kodak Zi8 Flipcam. It then went on to take the Best International Documentary prize at hotDocs.


Christmas, Justin Bieber and Red Epic in 3D. Sometimes it takes the right project to remind you why it is necessary to have the right tool for the job. Tight Dealine. Constantly changing cuts. Multiple versions for output. All while working in stereo. I can't imagine being able to pull this off using a different system. 

Artist - Justin Bieber
Song - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
Director - Charles Oliver



"The World of Red Bull"
Director - Kurt Mattila

 This was a great mixed source project. I think every format from Film down to youtube pulls was employed. The frame rates were just as varied, but in the end i think it all came together beautifully.